New Energy Coalition and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen are organising a Mini-Symposium in the context of the ENSYSTRA Summer School in Groningen this July. The ENSYSTRA Mini-Symposium – Energy at the North Sea will be held on Tuesday July 2 at the Energy Academy Building in Groningen. Leading academic and industry experts shed their light on the latest developments on and around the North Sea in several presentations and a panel discussion. 

The Mini-Symposium will provide a quick in-depth view on the North Sea energy evolutions. We have invited Prof. Jacques Wallage to give a presentation about the latest energy developments on the North Sea, taking into account the different perspectives from national interest groups. Following the presentation there will be a panel discussion between different leading academic and industry experts. 

17:30-18:30 Walk-in Symposium & buffet
18:30-18:45 Welcome & ENSYTRA introduction
18:45:19:30 Presentation by Prof. Jacques Wallage
19:30-20:00 Panel discussion
20:00-21:00 Drinks

Energy Academy Building
Nijenborgh 6

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