Many actors envision a future renewable electricity system dominated by solar and wind. However, it is not clear how such a system would optimally be designed in general or in the North Sea region. For example, a system dominated by solar and wind will face challenges to cover the electricity demand at nights without wind. This variability of solar and wind may be handled by storage, transmission, demand side management, or fuel production (like hydrogen).

The aim of the project is to model a renewable power system and evaluate: 1) which investments and variation management strategies that would be cost-effective to use and 2) which policies that would foster such a system. The young researcher will be responsible for developing a modelling tool, primarily using an optimization approach, to analyze the electricity system and to make analysis of the results.

Planned secondments: Engie (Netherlands) and European University of Flensburg (Germany).
Main supervisors: Fredrik Hedenus and Christian Azar.

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