Nithiya Mangala Streethran

Development of a real-time optimisation solution for dispatchable energy supply units


Country of origin: Malaysia
University: University of Stavanger
Supervisor: Prof. Mohsen Assadi
Industry partners: ARGE Netz, ScottishPower Energy Networks


My research project looks at developing a real-time optimisation model to manage variable solar and wind electricity generation. Through my project, I aim to use artificial intelligence-based methods to better forecast this variable renewable energy generation and facilitate its integration into the future electricity grid. I will be working closely with my industrial partners, ARGE Netz and Scottish Power Energy Networks, over the course of my project for data and knowledge transfer.

Project objective: expected results and contribution to society

The decarbonisation of the energy industry, and the power sector in particular, plays a major role in the transition towards a low-carbon economy. The North Sea region, which is the focus of the ENSYSTRA project, is currently leading this energy transition, and is expected to have the majority of its electricity demand supplied by solar and wind in 2050. Due to the variability of solar and wind, the grid integration of these resources will be a major challenge in the future. My real-time optimisation model could help policymakers as well as system operators for electricity, better understand these challenges and make evidence-based decisions on the short-term planning and dispatch of electricity.