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Blog #12 – Development of a Real-time Optimization Solution for Dispatchable Energy Supply Units

What is your research focusing on?

The overall aim of my research is to provide a generic approach for optimum management of integrated energy systems using the real-time capability of artificial intelligence based solutions, in terms of energy, economy, and the environment. Future energy systems that seek to maximize energy utilization, […]

Policy brief #1 – Advanced biofuels and carbon capture can pave the way for the EU climate goals

Advanced biofuels production is limited and needs to accelerate to keep up with the energy transition challenge. How to do it and what is needed? Coupling advanced biofuels with CCS can be a way out. Read this policy brief to find out. […]

Blog #11 – Modelling Dispatchable Loads in Interlinked Power, Heat and Transport Models

What motivated you to do this project?

Bangladesh is one of the countries which are impacted the most because of the rapid climate change. It is a country where 20% of the country will go underwater if it rises 1 meter higher than now, causing to displace 30 million people – […]

Blog #10 – Transition Policies for Oil and Gas Incumbents

About my research

My research explores the prospects for the oil and gas industry to play a more meaningful role in Europe’s energy transition. Focusing on the North Sea region, my research examines oil and gas company strategies in relation to low carbon energy, including investment, innovation, and the role of […]

Blog #9 – Market Design to support Energy Transitions

About my research

The objective of my research is to explore how markets can be designed and operated to support the North Sea and wider EU energy transitions. The idea is to develop models that move away from traditional central optimization-based approaches towards models that include the complexities of real-world gas, […]

Blog #8 – My journey into the field of energy system modelling.

The transition towards a sustainable energy system is a process that not only offers hope to steer the worlds current trajectory away from the devastating impacts of climate change but it also carries a lot of questions and uncertainties. These uncertainties spread across multiple sectors and discipline. During my carrier, […]