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Blog #14 – An Agent Based Approach to Model Investments in the Power Sector

What is your research focusing on?

The overall aim is to develop a computational model (an agent-based model) and explore the transition to a low-carbon electricity system. This research focuses on modelling investors’ (which is called “agent” in the model) investment choices of new power plants, and how new investments impact […]

Policy brief #6 – From NOwnership to Ownership: How to Define and Promote Local and Inclusive Citizen Ownership in Renewable Energy Projects

This policy brief explores the option of local and inclusive citizen ownership to help accelerate the energy transition. Such ownership promotes: local acceptance, cost-effectiveness and capital contribution to investments. How this type of ownership could be promoted is discussed in this brief. […]

Policy brief #4 – Synergies between hydrogen and offshore wind – challenges and opportunities in the North Sea Region

In the following years large amounts of offshore wind will be deployed in the North Sea region. Hydrogen emerges as an attractive option to provide flexibility and ease the integration of […]

Policy brief #3 – Opportunities and barriers to interconnector expansion in the North Sea Region

This informational policy brief explores the main opportunities and barriers to interconnector expansion in the North Sea region. This is in light of Europe’s drive to increase interconnection between national electricity grids to support decarbonising the power system.

If you have […]

Policy brief #2 – Opportunities for an efficient future North Sea energy system – the case of the Netherlands

Reaching the national renewable energy and carbon emission targets set for 2030 and 2050 requires coordinated engagement among different parties involved in the use of the offshore space, working under a common vision. This can be facilitated by providing clear legal and practical guidelines for developing and implementing integrated offshore […]