Leire Gorroño-Albizu

Ownership Models, Participation and Integrated Energy Systems



Country of origin: Spain
University: Aalborg University
Main supervisor: Frede Hvelplund
Industry partners: World Wind Energy Association and Community Energy Scotland

Project objective: expected results and contribution to society

Climate change is a serious and urgent problem that we need to address by developing more sustainable and carbon-low societies. The energy transition to renewable energy systems is a crucial element of this necessary development. The transformation of the energy system requires significant reductions in energy demand and high penetration of renewable energies. This poses multiple challenges, both technical, economic, social, organisational and political. On the other hand, the energy transition has the potential to provide several benefits that go beyond environmental protection and health improvement resulting from lower pollution. Some examples of the potential benefits are job creation, local development, alleviation of (energy) poverty, enhancement of democratic practices, etc.

This project will analyse how ownership and local participation may influence the energy transition and its outcomes. To this end, the project will study the capacity of different ownership models to address the challenges posed by the energy transition and to achieve the potential benefits. The study will comprise quantitative and quantitative methods, case studies, interviews to relevant stakeholders, literature research and international collaboration −mainly among Denmark, Germany and Scotland. The industry partners of this research project are the World Wind Energy Association and Community Energy Scotland, both well known for their work in the topic. The outcomes will include new understanding about the effects of ownership in the energy transition, innovative ownership models that help face the challenges and policy recommendations for the promotion of the most desirable ownership models.

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