Jaqueline de Godoy

Energy Cultures and Agent Behaviour: Mapping the Drivers and Barriers to Acceptance


Country of origin: Brazil
University: Aalborg University
Main supervisor: Kathrin Orel-Cass
Industry partners: Lyse AS; University of Stavanger; Institut für Zukunftstudien und Technologiebewertung gemeinnützige GmbH(IZT)


This thesis is part of the work package 3 of the ENSYSTRA project where our purpose is to understand the actors behavior and their interactions. In particular, my goal is to understand the socio-technical energy culture that emerge from and disciplinary thinking adopted by the ENSYSTRA partners and the energy experts that are leading the energy transition. Furthermore, I want to understand how these features are translated into different scenarios of agent behavior. Mapping socio-technical energy cultures means that I am interested in finding out how experts in the field of energy technology consider the community they serve. I want to unravel the connections between technical solutions and the needs of society, as well as identify how experts envisage the impact of their work on the North Sea Region. The research methods will consist of ethnography, interviews, direct observation, and network mapping. My partners are the University of Stavanger (Norway), Lyse As (Norway), and the IZT (Germany). 

Project objective: expected results and contribution to society

This research should allude to the levels of consciousness that energy agents have about the consequences and influences of their decisions on society as a whole. This should help to identify the moral definition of energy on which they are supporting their decisions. 

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