Benjamin Silvester

Policy Framework Interactions For Cross-Border Cooperation In Energy Systems Transitions


Country of origin: Great Britain
University: University of Stavanger
Supervisor: Professor Oluf Langhelle
Industry partners: The Swedish Energy Agency and The University of Edinburgh


My research project looks to explore how national and international policies and framework conditions for the cross-border cooperation in energy systems transitions interact. As a case study, this project will look at the utilisation of Norwegian hydropower as a battery for systems integration in a European context, analysing the policy and framework conditions necessary for such an utilisation. My research will analyse different levels of government policies and stakeholders with the aim of identifying barriers and opportunities for system integration and battery usage. 

Project objective: expected results and contribution to society

In transitioning towards more sustainable energy systems, cooperation among state actors will likely need to increase. Integrated systems will be needed to balance the intermittency of renewable energies, with energy storage an important consideration. My project looks to provide an analysis of the potential pathways and barriers to the utilisation of Norwegian hydropower as a battery, drawing attention to the opportunities that can be exploited in the context of energy system integration across national borders with an increased share of renewable energy sources. The project will have generic value for understanding the behaviour of other national energy systems.

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