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ENSYSTRA Summer School 2019

The ENSYSTRA project members and partners are looking back on a second successful ENSYSTRA Summer School, this year taking place in the first week of July in Groningen, The Netherlands. The aim of the Summer School was to engage with the societal and policy challenges of pursuing offshore energy generation and transportation on the North Sea. The summer school featured lectures, workshops, poster presentations during a mini-symposium as well as debates and discussions.

ENSYSTRA Mini-Symposium
During the Summer School the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) played an active role during the mini symposium ‘Energy in the North Sea’ which took place on July 2. During the walking dinner, participants could walk by […]

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ENSYSTRA – Mini Symposium

New Energy Coalition and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen are organising a Mini-Symposium in the context of the ENSYSTRA Summer School in Groningen this July. The ENSYSTRA Mini-Symposium – Energy at the North Sea will be held on Tuesday July 2 at the Energy Academy Building in Groningen. Leading academic and industry experts shed their light on the latest developments on and around the North Sea in several presentations and a panel discussion. 

The Mini-Symposium will provide a quick in-depth view on the North Sea energy evolutions. We have invited Prof. Jacques Wallage to give a presentation about the latest energy developments on the North Sea, taking into account […]

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New ENSYSTRA milestone

The ENSYSTRA project has reached a new milestone with the completion of the workshop on energy economics this month, organised by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. From 21 to 25 January the project members of ENSYSTRA have made the next step in their research projects by presenting their updated research proposals and moving forward to the next level of cooperation.

During the workshop on energy economics the participants have dived into markets, investment and business in the energy sector. The workshop activities were focused on collaboration and communication, aiming to enable the ESRs to further connect their research projects and to work more solution-oriented.

The week was filled with inspiring lectures on […]

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ENSYSTRA Summer School 2018

The project members of ENSYSTRA have experienced a successful Summer School in Flensburg, Germany, that took place from 3 to 7 September. The Summer School on System Modelling was designed for the ENSYSTRA early stage researchers (ESRs) at the start of their research projects and brought together researchers in the field of energy system modelling and analysis.

Due to the different backgrounds of the ENSYSTRA PhDs, the aim of the summer

school was to create interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration. Besides different lectures ranging from “Fundamentals of Energy System Modelling” to advanced modelling techniques, the programme focused on the practical work of the PhD’s and exchange with different experts.

During the Summer School the […]

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Summer School in Flensburg

During the first week of September (3-7 September) the first ENSYSTRA Summer School will take place in Flensburg, Germany. The Summer School is organised around Modelling Energy Systems and is hosted by the Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The ESRs will receive an introduction to the Fundamentals of Energy System Modelling and Optimization, the programme offers an interesting mixture between in-depth lectures and applied sessions like ”do-a-thons” and ”break-out-groups” to dive further into the matter.

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Kick-off and first workshop

From 16 to 20 April 2018, ENSYSTRA had its official project kick-off and first workshop. ENSYSTRA will train 15 PhD researchers in all aspects of energy systems transition. The process of moving from an energy system based on fossil fuels towards an energy system with limited CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, and energy security has far-reaching implications for technologies, infrastructure, market organisation, consumer behaviour and governance.

The event took place at the Energy Academy Building in Groningen where researchers gathered from the University of Edinburgh, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Stavanger, Aalborg University Denmark, Europa-Universität Flensburg, and the University of Groningen.

Solid fundament for the research projects
The 15 early stage (PhD) researchers […]

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Project launch in April

The ENSYSTRA partners recieved promising applications for all 15 ESR positions in the last two months. Currently, the Advisory Committees are considering eligible candidates in order to recruit excellent candidates for the ENSYTRA training network who will be the pioneers of interdisciplinary and integrated eneryg systems transition research.

The official project launch will take place at Zernike Campus Groningen, 16 – 20 April, 2018, assembling the 15 PhD researchers, senior researchers and project partners.

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