Andrew Kilmartin

Market Design to Support Energy Transitions


Country of origin: Great Britain
University: University of Edinburgh
Supervisor: Harry van der Weijde
Industry partners: PBL, Gasunie, University of Stavanger

Project objective: expected results and contribution to society

The efforts to decarbonise the energy system and specifically the future electricity supply system are compounded by the need for modification, upgrade, and expansion of the future grid to integrate new supply sources while meeting changing electricity demands and behaviours In modern, liberalised electricity markets, this will largely need to be delivered through private investment but will also need public private partnership initiatives. Countries around the world will therefore need to develop a market design which can accommodate a changing energy mix and changing demand structures whilst simultaneously supporting low carbon transition. This requires designing a market which allows for growth through the integration of the various energy sources, i.e. integrate renewables, and accommodate the decarbonisation and storage costs whilst delivering reliable and clean and efficient energy for all.

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