What is your research focusing on?

The overall aim of my research is to provide a generic approach for optimum management of integrated energy systems using the real-time capability of artificial intelligence based solutions, in terms of energy, economy, and the environment. Future energy systems that seek to maximize energy utilization, grid reliability and resilience while meeting the expected demand side requirements must necessarily consider all available energy sources, including intermittent renewables, storage systems and the dispatchable energy units.

What has amazed you in your research so far? For example surprising results

A reference case with supply units (heat pump, auxiliary heater), storage unit (thermal storage tank) and demand unit (swimming pool and domestic hot water) has been developed using Dymola software. Price-based operation strategy is defined for the reference case. Comparing with the system without storage unit, the reference case can save 16% operation cost during a typical day.

How will your secondments benefit your research?

One of secondments in the project will be carried out at Norconsult AS in Norway, Norconsult is Norway’s largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. During the secondment, I will get access to real-life data of an integrated energy plant in Stavanger city center, which provides heating and cooling energy to a Swimming Hall and three associated buildings. The data will be used for development and validation of tools and methods. The secondment experience will help me to get an insight into the application of physics-based modeling and artificial intelligence techniques in the energy systems.

By ESR Qian Zhang email: q.zhang@uis.no

How would you like to continue your research after the ENSYSTRA project?

In the future, the integration of renewable energy will play an important role in sustainable development to meet the energy needs, and the operation of energy systems will become more complex. After the ENSYSTRA project, I would continue to develop tools and methodologies to support operation optimization of integrated energy systems. I also hope to implement the techniques to real-world industry projects to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission of energy systems.

What exciting developments/events/milestones do you (want to) reach in the

near future?

The physical model based on Modelica language of Stavanger energy plant is developing. The simulation results will be validated with operation data in the near future. Then, the different operation strategies of the energy plant can be evaluated in the simulation environment.

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