The project members of ENSYSTRA have experienced a successful Summer School in Flensburg, Germany, that took place from 3 to 7 September. The Summer School on System Modelling was designed for the ENSYSTRA early stage researchers (ESRs) at the start of their research projects and brought together researchers in the field of energy system modelling and analysis.

Due to the different backgrounds of the ENSYSTRA PhDs, the aim of the summer

school was to create interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration. Besides different lectures ranging from “Fundamentals of Energy System Modelling” to advanced modelling techniques, the programme focused on the practical work of the PhD’s and exchange with different experts.

During the Summer School the lectures were supplemented by open spaces for group work and discussions on relevant topics in the field of energy system modelling. The week was framed by different social events to create room for networking with project partners and external participants.

Here you can find the complete programme and the objective of the Summer School.

For further information on the project you can visit the ‘Research projects’ section of this website, or contact the project manager, Dirk Kuiken: